AppLock Pro

Intelligent privacy protection, overhaul and improve their streams

★Best FREE lock software with over ten million downloads ★

AppLock is a smarter and safer android app locker that protects your privacy with private pantry, secure lock screen, hide icon.
AppLock can lock Facebook, Snapchat, Whats app, SMS and any other apps you want to lock. It offers you a privacy security guard!

AppLock provides you an All-in-One solution to protect phone privacy.

Perfectly protect your privacy by locking your apps
Photo and Video Vaults that hide your personal pictures
Reads junk files, frees memory and deletes them with privacy values
Quick Charge saves while charging and speeding up your phone
Amazing themes that enhance privacy defense and each for FREE

We offer privacy lock, image vault and more advanced features
-Random keyboard and Invisible patterns
It hides your trace and rearranges the keyboard every time you open the lock screen.
-Forced entry warning
Automatically selects those who enter the wrong password, privacy defense.
-Message protection
Protects message details, never worry about letting it into your chat or pictures.
– Disguise
It offers a more secure and tamper-proof way to protect disguise privacy against anyone.

AppLock Pro always works hard to protect your privacy.
●We provide a reliable shield for apps to protect themselves from attempts to compromise their privacy. We’ve also created a strong, secure vault to protect your personal photos and videos; depending on the records, you never get a chance to browse the pictures you have stored.
●With AppLock Pro, you can lock Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, gallery and other apps related to your privacy. We also recommend putting important pictures in the cellar.
●It includes much more to protect your privacy (apps, images, videos, messages and more).
●In order to support the development team, advertisement content will be displayed on certain screens in our application. Visit for more information.

This app is using Device Administrator permission. It can open this permission, prevent it from uninstalling App Lock easily.

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