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Memento is a gadget that shows you live pictures from your companions, right on your Home Screen. It resembles a gateway to individuals you care about — a little look at what they ultimately depend on over the course of the day.

This is the secret: when a companion sends you a pic, it right away shows up in your Locket gadget on your home screen. To send a reaction, tap the gadget, take a pic, and send it to your companions’ Home Screens. It seems like wizardry when your Locket refreshes with a genuinely new thing!

As you use Locket, you’ll likewise develop a past filled with pictures you’ve sent your companions. Look down in the Locket application to turn back the clock and investigate your History.

Memento is only for your dearest companions. It’s ideally suited for your closest companions, lady friends, beaus, and families. To keep things amicable, you can amount to 5 companions on the application.

Kindly keep in touch with us at Gratitude for having Locket on your Home Screen!

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