Pepper : The Food Truck Hero

Pepper and her food truck have been called to a different universe where human, merfolk, beastfolk, and fairy live respectively.

To get back to this present reality, Pepper should meet a mythical being magician who shows up just once every year at the town’s cooking challenge.

In any case, while stepping through the examinations to take part in the opposition, she becomes involved with a baffling case including the town…

Can Pepper get back securely?

Come join her experience!

– Match 3 riddle, track down the secret item, and experience

– Jump into the intriguing story loaded with different characters and innumerable journeys to finish

– There are various intuitive components concealed around the guide and areas that are uncovered as the story advances

– North of 500 square riddles with numerous hindrances and find-the-covered up object games

– Different sorts of smaller than normal games, for example, speed eating challenge, arm wrestling challenge, and so forth

– Charming and delightful pixel designs

– Cook an assortment of dishes utilizing various plans and fixings

– Charming ensembles that can be obtained by playing the game

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