Stacky Bird: Hyper Casual Flying Birdie Dash Game

Stack your eggs to pass deterrents, however look out for beasts and spikes. Stacky Bird is the fun, irresistible game you’ve been sitting tight for, with long periods of flappy fun!


The square bird is set for fly to new grounds. Develop a long chain of eggs and fold around deterrents to arrive at new levels and areas, with delightful aviaries for you to guarantee.


Stack the ideal measure of eggs and make 3 ideal arrivals to enter Shooty Mode. Move toward more prominent difficulties and fold your direction to the completion as the best bird on the leaderboard!


The bird games are fun and habit-forming, yet you can open considerably more characters! Chickens, felines, pigs and that’s just the beginning – track down your cherished person and fly across the deterrents.


Stacky Bird is not difficult to get, however testing to dominate. Fold through the vivid degrees of Stacky Bird and assist your bird with flying home!


Stacky Bird Features:


Stack Eggs

– Stack eggs to cross hindrances and keep away from risks!

– Develop a chain of eggs

– Fly to the furthest limit of the level with additional eggs for extra coins


Investigate and Collect

– Flying games take your bird to new grounds and biomes

– Acquire coins while you play to open various characters

– Open mystery characters through the minigame


Square Bird Houses for Blocky Birds

– Flying games lead you to new bird enclosures

– Pick your cherished house to show


Leaderboard just plain silly

– Move to the highest point of the leaderboard

– Develop focuses for the every day, week by week, or record-breaking high score


Restricted Live Events

– Minigames and exceptional levels!

– Open selective characters


Stacky Bird is the relaxed flying game from the creators of! Download this irresistible and fun hyper easygoing game today!

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