Steel And Flesh 2

You have the chance to visit the Middle Ages in 1212, when the Mongol Empire was acquiring strength in Asia, and the Crusades were going full bore in the Middle East. Available to you is a colossal guide of the world, on which 20 huge states are found. You reserve the option to swear loyalty to any state and before long become its best, or make your own, catching an ever increasing number of regions. Additionally, you generally have the potential chance to battle with crooks and bring in cash by selling prizes. Purchasing land and making a business will furnish you with an agreeable presence. As well as going on the worldwide guide, you can continuously by and by participate in a fight with your military, whether it is a fight in an open field or an attack of a city, palace, port or town.
Do you like the middle age? Play system and activity? Enormous scope fights and attacks? Do you frequently play with companions? Would you like to construct your realm? Then this is an ideal game for you!!!


THE MOST AMBITIOUS AND REALISTIC 3D FIRST-PERSON BATTLES – You can by and by partake in a clash of up to 300 individuals on the combat zone. It very well may be a fight in an open field, the attack of a city or palace, the raging of a port or the catch of a town. You can lead your warband and fabricate battle developments. Many kinds of warriors partake in fights, like fighters, spearmen, bowmen, crossbowmen and even knights.

THE LARGEST SIEGES OF FORTRESSES – You can actually partake in the attack of the fortification. The attack happens all things considered, utilizing rams, attack pinnacles and slings. The safeguards will shoot bolts at you while you push the attack weapons against the dividers.

🌏Worldwide MAP🌏
THE LARGEST GLOBAL MAP – 20 truly existing enormous conditions of the Middle Ages are situated on a gigantic guide of the world. You can join any of them and before long lead military missions. You can continuously make your own state, yet be cautious in your political choices, on the grounds that any of your activities can prompt complete conflict.

🛡Covering AND WEAPONS⚔
A HUGE AMOUNT OF ARMOR AND WEAPONS – You have the potential chance to utilize any sort of defensive layer, a colossal number of head protectors, suits, boots and safeguards available to you. Remember about weapons, you will observe all that you like, swords, lances, maces, tomahawks, clubs, bows, crossbows, lances, dashes and in any event, tossing tomahawks. Hone the edge and head off to war!!!

THE MOST EPIC ONLINE BATTLES – In this game you will actually want to wave a sword with your companion. Players from everywhere the world will attempt to beat you. In internet based mode, you can dress your personality in any defensive layer and give him the weapons you need.

Fabricate YOUR EMPIRE – You will begin from the base, you will not have anything, one day you will catch your first city, which will be beneficial. At the point when you have a few urban communities and palaces, adjoining states will consider you to be a danger and announce battle on you. In weighty fights and attacks, you will pulverize your rival. The urban areas will regret before you and the Lords will call you their King, and the bannerlords will convey your pennant!!!

THE MOST REALISTIC AND WELL-DEVELOPED SKILL SYSTEM – The improvement of your personality is totally in your grasp. 5 fundamental abilities will permit you to figure out what your personality will be, solid or light-footed, or perhaps shrewd and diligent or alluring? You should follow the advancement of one more 30 abilities of your legend. In the event that you can’t work on an ability to the right level, you can constantly visit the bar and recruit sidekicks who will take on certain obligations.

Practical LANDSCAPES – You will partake in fights on various scenes, from better places of the globe. In the North it’s a cold winter, in the South it’s a hot desert, on the off chance that you battle in an uneven region, there will be mountains on the combat zone. Practical weather patterns will submerge you in a genuine battle climate.


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